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    • Design Type: Plaid & Check

    Wallcovering Calculator

    Our wallcovering calculator makes it easy to estimate how much wallcovering you will need for any size job. In the fields below, please enter either the square footage of the room or the length and and the calculator will automatically give you the correct amount. It is always best to round up to ensure that you have enough. Also, double check if you have a repeat to the pattern.

    Repeat Estimator:
    • Order 10% extra - no repeat
    • Order 20% extra - 10" repeat
    • Order 25% extra - 20" repeat
    • Order 30% extra - 25" repeat
    Enter the Total Square Feet
    You will need X rolls of Wallcovering Calculator
    Enter the Length (ft)
    Enter the Height (ft)
    You will need X rolls of Wallcovering Calculator
    Assume a roll of wallcovering calculator = 30 SQ.FT
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